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Are you looking for a hotel close to you? Or are you maybe in need of a car rental service close to your airport of choice? Take a look at our guide and find the best option no matter your wishes.

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If you are traveling to a certain city or part of the world, many times you want to find services close to your destination. At, we use proximity to help you find the perfect option – no matter if you are looking for a hotel, an airport or a place to rent a car. By defining your location or designated position, you can easily search for your service of choice located close to the location you have picked.


When it comes to finding a hotel, there are two options that usually dominate the traveler’s wishes. Either you want to find a hotel close to a certain airport or port, with popular options such as Denver Airport, Atlanta Airport, Los Angeles Airport and Miami Cruise Port. By living close to your place of travel, you won’t have to worry about spending too much time finding transfers or getting from one place to the other.

Another common option is to look for hotels close to a certain destination – maybe you’re taking your family to Disneyland and want to live nearby? Either way, at we can help you find available hotels that match your wishes.

Car rentals

Are you looking for a car to rent? In many cases, you will probably want to find a rental car service near your location, or close to a certain airport. If you rent cars regularly, you might also have a specific rental car chain that you prefer – some of the most popular rental companies are Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car. At our website you can choose both your location and filter between different options.

Many rental car companies have offices close to or at the airports – even at the smaller airports you can normally find at least one or two chains to choose from. The major airports surrounding cities like New York, Los Angeles and London can have up to 20 car rental services or more, which gives you a lot of options.


When it comes to proximity and airports, the goal is many times to find the airport that is closest to a specific destination. In the case of a well visited destination such as Disneyland/Orlando, there can be a couple of options to choose from in terms of picking your airport. It is also important to remember that the proximity from the airport to the destination might affect the price of your plane ticket.

It’s not uncommon that the airports that are located a little further from popular destinations mean a less pricey ticket – but you might have to go through a little more fuss to get to your destination than if you would have picked an airport located close. In other words, keep the transfer possibilities in mind when planning your trip. If you choose an airport that isn’t close to your destination of choice, the difficulties of getting from point A to point B might not be worth the money you save on your plane ticket. No matter how you choose your airport, we can help you get the best option according to your needs and wishes.

The best options close to your location is the perfect tool for anyone looking for hotels, cars or things to do near a given location. With our interactive maps you can find the exact time and distance from your chosen position to your airport or venue – and we even give you the best route to walk from point A to point B.