Things to do near Copenhagen Central Station

The Danish capital is a popular tourist destination, and in the area around Copenhagen Central Station there is a lot to find. Take part of our guide to the central parts of the city.

Hotels close to Copenhagen Central Station

Are you planning a visit to Copenhagen and want to learn more about the central parts of town? Right in the city center you find Copenhagen Central Station, and surrounding the station is everything from great hotels to popular tourist activities.

Copenhagen Central Station offers both regional and international connections, and opened its business back in the 1840’s. This is also a great starting point if you are looking to explore everything that the Danish capital has to offer.

near copenhagen central station

Find the best hotel close to Copenhagen Central Station

In the area around Copenhagen Central Station you find hotels of all shapes and sizes. With everything from five star, luxury hotels to more affordable options, there is something for all flavors and budgets.

If you are looking for an easy way to compare the hotels close to Copenhagen Central Station, we recommend that you have a look at the following link. Here you find our interactive hotel map with popular options in the area, and you can see the exact time and distance from each hotel to the Central Station.

Places to visit near Copenhagen Central Station

The central parts of Copenhagen are filled with everything from great restaurants to shopping, culture and activities. There is something for all ages, and most things are easy to access with Copenhagen Central Station as your starting point. To get a great overview of all things to do in Copenhagen, have a look at by following the link below. Here you find all kinds of activities together with prices and ratings to find the best one.

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