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Are you visiting a specific part of the world and want to find hotels, rental cars or things to do nearby? At Closeto.com we make it possible, guiding you to the surroundings of popular destinations around the world.

The idea behind Closeto.com came up after a number of business and personal trips to different cities in the U.S., Asia and Europe. There was no real alternative to 100 % data driven websites for finding accommodation or things to do near a popular place or venue – therefore we started Closeto.com.

Find everything near popular points of interest

Closeto.com is created based on points of interest in cities around the world, which can be everything from amusement parks and stadiums to airports and train stations. By combining our large hotel database with events and things to do in each city, Closeto.com gives you a unique way of maximizing your holiday.

Maybe you are visiting New York and want to live close to Times Square? Or perhaps you're planning a vacation in Copenhagen and want to live near the central station? No matter your wishes, Closeto.com can give you a hand. Thanks to our interactive map you also find the exact time and distance from your chosen position to your point of interest – and we even give you the best route to walk from point A to point B.

Are you planning a weekend or business trip but unsure where in the city you want to stay? Don't miss our other website, Wheretostayin.com.

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Closeto.com is a part of Westcoast Digital AB, a Swedish company specialized in accommodation and travel information for consumers. The company runs a large number of websites focused on making traveling as convenient as possible. To learn more about the company or our websites, get in touch with Westcoast Digital AB by sending an email to [email protected].

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We may earn a commission from links on this page. Closeto.com have links to other partners and may earn commission from external partners when booking for example hotels, cars or events.

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The best options close to your location

Closeto.com is the perfect tool for anyone looking for hotels, cars or things to do near a given location. With our interactive maps you can find the exact time and distance from your chosen position to your airport or venue – and we even give you the best route to walk from point A to point B.