Restaurants, hotels and parking near Liseberg

Are you planning a visit to the popular amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg? Find out more about the park and its surroundings in our guide.

Hotels close to Liseberg

If you are on a vacation in Gothenburg, don’t miss Scandinavia’s largest amusement park – Liseberg. This well known park offers everything from rides for all ages to a beautiful botanical garden and a large stage that regularly welcomes popular artists. Liseberg opened back in 1923 and is actually one of the most praised amusement parks in Europe. In this guide you can find some useful information when it comes to the park's surroundings, making your visit as convenient as possible.

Compare the best hotels close to Liseberg

Liseberg is located in the central parts of Gothenburg, meaning the park is surrounded by hotels of all different sizes and ratings. To pick a hotel near Liseberg is not only a good choice if you want to pay the park a visit – this also gives you walking distance to several other tourist sites in Gothenburg.

To find the best hotel near Liseberg, we recommend that you have a look at the link below. Here you find our interactive hotel map that shows you hotels located close to the amusement park, with the exact time and distance from the hotel to Liseberg. This makes it easy to compare the different options available, and the map also shows you the fastest way to walk from your hotel of choice to the park.

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Parking near Liseberg

When it comes to parking close to Liseberg, there are a number of different options to choose from. The amusement park actually has two entrances, which is beneficial to know when looking for a parking spot. The main entrance is located in the northern part of Liseberg, while the other one is found on the southwest side. Both entrances have nearby parking. With this said, we recommend that if possible you either choose public transportation or go by foot when visiting Liseberg. In this way you can avoid the hassle in finding a parking spot, and can also save some money!

Dining in the area – find the best restaurants

Thanks to its central location, Liseberg has close proximity to a large number of restaurants for all flavors. There are also a bunch of different dining options to choose from if you want to eat in the park – by following the link below you can learn all about eating and drinking at Liseberg.

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